Key Policies & Procedures

We will respect any information you give us about yourself and will keep it confidential.

Your support worker will restrict access to information to staff within Circle of Care and other relevant professionals. Any breaches of confidentiality by any member of staff will be dealt with through the company’s disciplinary procedures.

Some of your details that may be held on file or on computer include: name, address, telephone numbers, next of kin, GP and details of care package. Any messages received are also logged on the database of Circle of Care. Information will only be disclosed to others with your consent or if it is required by law.

No financial transactions will be carried out by a support worker on your behalf unless it is an agreed part of your care package. Even in these circumstance, we limit financial transactions to small amounts of shopping and only within agreed financial limits, this includes:

  • Collection of benefit and/or pension
  • Shopping
  • Paying utility bills
  • Deposit and/or withdrawal of money from bank, building society or post office.

Support workers are issued with a financial transaction form which details financial transactions undertaken by the support worker on your behalf.

On occasion you may wish to express your gratitude to a support worker by making a gift. Circle of care feels it is extremely important to maintain a professional service and limits what might be acceptable for our support workers to receive. We recognise however, that in some circumstances to refuse a gift may seem offensive, for example, at Christmas or a birthday. in such circumstances receipt of the fist should be notified to our head office and recorded in the home care records. A maximum gift value of £10 is deemed acceptable.

Staff are not allowed to accept bequests under wills. Neither are they permitted to act as a witness on wills or any other legal document regarding a service user.

You can purchase further services form Circle of Care over and above the care being given and paid for via social services. These will have to be paid for separately by yourself or relatives. If you require additional services please contact our head office. Support workers are not allowed to undertake any work for your through private arrangements even though you may offer to pay for this.

Support workers can provide assistance to your with your medication when identified as part of your care package. For this to happen, you or those close to you must arrange for your pharmacist to have your medication dispensed into a dosette box or blister pack so that you can be helped with your medication safely. You will also need to arrange for repeat prescriptions. Support workers are not allowed to assist with medication unless it has been dispensed into a dosette box or blister pack.

Circle of Care does not allow support workers to hold keys to a service users property. In emergency situations Circle of care will hold keys for a short period of time until the social services department or the service user installs a door entry system or key safe. In these situations a written agreement is in place between the purchaser and the company.

There keys are held a sufficient number of keys will be required to cover for emergencies and all parties will complete a signed agreement.

Under no circumstances should you give a key to your property directly to a support worker without the express written agreement of Circle of Care.

Circle of care is now part of Devon and Cornwall fire referral team.

We refer anyone at risk if there was a fire within their homes, so we can minimise the risks as much as possible, making sure the fire services aware that you maybe chair/ bed bound without assist. They can also make sure we have all the correct alarms and equipment in place for this just in case.

After a risk assessment carried out by our carers, Devon and Cornwall fire service will attend each home and provide the information and supply equipment where needed. This information is then accessible by the operator for 999 calls, and therefore firefighters are equipped to deal with you and your home before arriving if something was to ever happen.